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Business & Marketing Consulting

Business & Marketing Consulting

Business & Marketing ConsultingBusiness & Marketing ConsultingBusiness & Marketing Consulting

Your “Partner in Business Health”™ 

Corona Health, LLC Snapshot

Corona Health, LLC provides experience-based business and marketing consulting to small, medium and large businesses across multiple industries, including consumer goods and services, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and HVAC. At Corona Health, LLC, we treat our clients as partners and we are driven to provide focused, actionable, strategic and timely insights. We don't “waste time” on over-complicating project scopes, analyses or recommendations. We aim to help our clients better understand their business, brands, customers, markets, competitors, and potential disruptors in order to co-develop impactful, implementable strategies and tactics that deliver near and long-term business success.


Know Your Market


Measuring Market Health

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Measuring Business Health

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Improving Business Health

Know Your Market


Measuring Market Health

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